Tips on avoid getting your FUT account banned


You finally decided to play the FIFA game. Suddenly, you are hooked and you just cannot get enough. Does that sound like you? If it does, then you should know that it’s a completely normal feeling. One of the ways to enhance this experience is by getting FUT coins. These coins are simply sublime. However, getting them is often where the problems start.

FUT 21 ps4 coins are heavily restricted by the game. This means that getting them the wrong can get you instantly banned or get you a warning. This article will help you avoid these warnings and ban. First, though, why do you need to avoid a ban?

Why you should avoid getting banned

A ban on this game is permanent. This means that it most likely will never get reversed. While EA will usually ask people to send in their appeals regarding their ban, it never gets turned around. That’s not all.

A ban generally means that you lose everything you worked for. From the coins down to the packs you own, EA takes everything back. You normally will have to start afresh. That can really hurt. You might even quit the game in the process.

How do you avoid getting banned?

1. Have a clean good list

One of the reasons why people’s accounts get caught and flagged for cheating the system lies in their list. Having a lot of silver and bronze players will spell trouble for you and get the EA’s attention.

So, to beat this, try to keep your list as clean as possible. Make sure that you avoid these types of players. You should be safe from the wandering eyes of EA sports.

2. Smaller Quantities always does the trick

If you want to buy yourself some coins, make sure that you get them in smaller quantities. This means that bulk buying is definitely out of the question. For example, if you want to get a 1 million quantity, you shouldn’t get it all at once. Instead, break up the amount into 250k and get it all in 10 days.

This will keep the flag down and remove all suspicion from you. One of the biggest red flags in the system is receiving FUT coins in bulk quantities.

3. Don’t buy FUT coins

This is by far the easiest way to abstain from getting banned by EA sports. Don’t buy FIFA coins. Just go through the normal process. While this is hard, it’s probably the easiest way to stay safe.

So what should you do?

If you intend to buy FIFA coins, then you have to be smart about it. Make sure you follow the tips above. Also, make sure you stay away from trading massively within a short time in search of FIFA coins. That is really not a good sign of EA sports.


In the end, you should always put your account first. Having your account safe might mean buying FUT coins from only trusted people and vendors. If you cannot find any, then you should maybe stick to what you have.


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