A Guide For Selecting The Nest Network Rack Size


Cabinet PDU manufacturers work closely with network rack manufacturers. This is because network racks are used for storing PDUs in data centers. These network racks come in various types and sizes. Network racks are usually measured in length, width, and depth. The height is generally measured in rack units (U). Each rack unit measures around 1.75 inches. Therefore, a 5U network rack measures (1.7 x 5) inches. On the other hand, the standard width for network racks is 18 inches, and the depth usually ranges from one product brand to the next. This post focuses on choosing the right network rack size.

How to choose the best network rack size

Below are some tips for choosing the best network rack size;

1. Consider the amount of space you have

One of the most critical guidelines for choosing the right network rack size is to consider the amount of space you have. Naturally, you must get a product that can be accommodated in the room in your facility. The last thing you need is too large or too small. A huge network rack will cause space issues. Therefore, before you go looking for a new network rack, it would help measure the amount of space you have. If you have a lot of space, you can go for a large network rack and vice versa.

2. Consider the type of equipment

Network racks can be used for storing a wide range of equipment. Their products range in sizes. Therefore, when choosing the right network rack size, you must consider the size of the equipment you wish to store in the rack. Note that most network rack sizes are determined based on the industry size standards for IT equipment. Therefore, you purchase a product designed specifically for your equipment. However, you may also want to steer clear of products that are the same size as your equipment. This is because you still need space for moving the items and allowing the flow of air.

3. Do not forget about the quantity of equipment

In addition to the size of the equipment, you must also consider the quantity. A single network rack can house more than one piece of IT equipment. Therefore, it would be wise to consider the number of items you want to store when shopping for the best network rack size. Naturally, the more things you have, the larger the network rack you need and vice versa.

4. Consider the price and type

The network rack size significantly affects its price. Therefore, it would be intelligent to consider your budget when choosing the right network rack size. Note that the larger the network rack, the higher the price. Additionally, the different types of network racks feature varying prices. For instance, free-standing network racks are typically larger than wall-mounted network racks. Regardless there are also various size options in each category.


Choosing the right network rack size does not have to be challenging. All you need is to carefully identify your needs before you start shopping around for the products. It would also help to understand the network rack dimension standards on the market.


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