What to Look for When Purchasing a TV Antenna


An antenna’s primary purpose is intercepting radio waves from selected television stations and changing them to radio frequency interchanging currents. This interchanging current is subjected to the television tuner that produces signals from your TV. Here is an overview of everything you need to know before purchasing an antenne tv.

1. Types of antennas

A good television antenna should have adequate power handling ability and signal strength over the coverage area. It should also be free from distortion emissions. There have been technological developments that have resulted in various types of television antennas. The most common types of TV antennas are Indoor, Attic, and outdoor TV antennas.

a. Indoor digital antenna

The indoor digital antenna is the easiest to set up and is connected to one TV, picking up over-the-air programming. It is most suitable in urban areas that tend to have broadcast towers nearby. The signal for a single digital TV antenna works best when put near a window or highest point on a wall.

b. Attic antenna

The attic antenna is large and resembles an outdoor antenna. It is fixed on the attic on a metal pole that is mounted. When installing it, one must be very careful because the antenna is connected to the home media wiring. The challenge with this antenna is roofing materials may hinder its performance by limiting the antenna’s ability to pick channels.

c. Outdoor antennas

Outdoor antennas are suitable for individuals staying away from broadcast towers. It works best in rural areas giving out the option of quality pictures and more channels. They are a bit technical when installing, and one has to be cautious.

2. What to consider

It is essential to consider some aspects before purchasing a TV antenna with different types and needs. TV antennas are available in various sizes, designs, and prices.

3. Location

Location is a crucial aspect that will determine whether you will buy an indoor or outdoor antenna. Ensure you ask around for any broadcast towers nearby. You may also check up with those around what antennas they are using and if they are working for them.

If you stay in an urban setup, the indoor antenna will be ideal for you because urban areas are nearer to broadcast towers. If you are staying in a rural set up the best antenna would be an outdoor antenna considering rural areas are far from broadcast towers.

That said, your location is also an important aspect to understand which type can fit in your space. For instance, an outdoor antenna may require to be fixed on top of a roof. Therefore, in an area where the roof is not accessible, like in shared flats, it may be difficult to fix an outdoor antenna.

4. Cost

One can be able to purchase antennas online. Research and browse on prices to buy one that fits your budget. Customer reviews on the antennas may also help you gauge the antenna’s effectiveness to meet your need.

Final Thoughts

A TV antenna allows you to pick up various channels within your locality. They are great if you intend to cut the cord. Some of the channels are such as CBS and FOX. To enjoy your series or movies, you need to know what is required of you to own a top-notch antenna.


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