How to Get Your Dead Laptop Battery to Work Again


A laptop battery is a key element in the functionality of the laptop itself. It’s the primary source of power and contributes to the laptop’s portability. High-quality batteries last long, serving you well for years till the cycles are over, or damage occurs. You can replace the battery only or the whole laptop, depending on your budget. Access great and affordable batteries by visiting the batterie pour A41-X550A site. In this write-up, we explain ways of reviving a dying laptop battery.

Ways of Reviving a Dying Laptop Battery

Laptop batteries are expensive, and when one suddenly stops working, replacing them can be a challenge. First, the stalling was unexpected, and second, your budget may not allow for purchase. This is where the need for restoring the battery comes in.

1. Freezing the Battery

The method is ideal for Nickel-Metal Hybrid (NiMH) or Nickel-Cadmium (NiCD). Turn off the laptop, disconnect from the power source then remove the battery. Wrap it in a soft cloth, then place it inside a Ziploc bag. This type of bag ensures the battery remains dry during the process. It would be best to avoid regular plastic bags since they tend to harbor moisture making the battery dump.

Put the bag in the freezer and leave it for a maximum of 10 hours to bring back few cycles. Going past the 10-hour mark can result in battery leakage. When out of the freezer, leave it to get back to room temperature, then fix it into the laptop. Charge till full, allow it to discharge completely, then recharge again.

2. Recalibration of the Battery

It is done when the laptop’s operating system cannot calculate the exact charge left in the battery and displays wrong indications. This happens if the computer is plugged in continuously; thus, the battery never gets drained. It is done mainly for older batteries, either automatically or manually.

The first step is to have the battery fully charged to 100%. Unplug the computer from the source of power and keep it on for approximately 2 hours to cool down. Avoid using it during this time and let the battery drain fully. Leave it turned for a couple of hours, say 3-5 hours, then put it on and charge it again till full.

3. Cool the Laptop

Cooling works well on Lithium-ion batteries. When a computer becomes hot due to high temperatures or internal factors, the battery is damaged, and its life span is shortened. Cooling pads solve the problem perfectly and are available in computer stores and online shopping sites. You place them under your PC and protect the battery from becoming too warm.

4. Unplug When Battery is Full

Allow the battery to charge till 100% complete, then disconnect it from the power cable. Use it until it drops to 5%, then recharge it till full. However, you should do this carefully according to the type of battery. It would help if you left Lithium-ion batteries to drop to about 35% and recharged till 75-80% full to save as many cycles.


The above ways prove that it’s possible to restore your laptop battery’s functionality without seeking professional help. In extreme cases, though, it’s advisable to have an expert check it or buy a new one. These methods are standard and have worked for most people, and you can apply them based on your needs.


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