The Most Durable Optical Manufacturer products


An optic transceiver is a small gadget or a device that can both receive and transmit data. An optic transceiver is a very crucial part of a wide optical fibre network that can convert electrical signals to optical signals and optical signals to electrical signals too.

Therefore in this hi-tech industry, many industries and companies are racing against time to provide the most efficient and quality optical transceivers that will last and solve people needs. This has made companies bring together experts in the hi-tech industry so that they can create the best products ever. Through various analyses, Starlink company has remained outstanding Optical transceiver manufacturer in the market. Its products have grown interested in the eyes of the customers in need of these optical transceivers. It has the most qualified and experienced experts producing great products.

Starlink manufacturer and products.

Starlink manufactures deals with the manufacture of optical transceiver modules. These transceiver modules are the key component in the transmission of data in the transceiver. The optical modules are built of an electric interface on one side which connects to the inner side of the system and the outer side which connects to the connecting devices.

Some of the Starlink manufacturer products gaining great interest in the market include; 100GQSFP28 SR4/ CWDM4/LR4/ER4, 25GSFP28 DWDM/CWDMLR/ER, 1.25GSFP Transceivers, 100G CFP Transceivers.

Durability and quality.

Quality should always be your priority whenever you acquire any product. You, therefore, need to consider a manufacturer with the best quality products. Starlink manufacturer products always have evidence of durability. This is because the products are made of great quality components and have gone through vigorous factory testing from the beginning to the end of the production process. The calibration stage being the first and the most crucial one involves testing such as voltage measurement, TX, RX and the eye diagram.

Some of the other testing done by Starlink quality assurance experts includes;

Temperature tests.

The temperature test is done to ensure that the optical transceiver can operate at the highest temperature levels without breaking down and can be able to cool down till the minimum operating temperatures.

Wavelength and spectrum tests.

The DUT should not have wavelength peaks different from those that are consistent with the regulatory body. In case this happens then the transceiver is considered defective and cannot be processed further. They are discarded or rectified. All the same Starlink qualified manufacturers experts have always come up with accurate products that mainly pass these tests at ease. They will always ensure every product reaching you is of great quality without any defects.


Starlink manufacturers are a satisfied manufacturing company. It has been accredited and approved to conduct its manufacturing business since it has acquired all the requirements. All the equipment are certified to be of the required quality. Some of these certifications include the ISO9001 accreditation of 2015, certificate of compliance, test report, certificate of environment management system hence it is safe to the environment. You can therefore have the confidence that you are getting products approved by the relevant quality assurance authorities.


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