Essential Details of an Original Asus Laptop Battery


Asus batteries are made from Lithium-ion cells with a high capacity, high-level energy stored, very light; they demonstrate no memory effect and an easy charge. Even with these great attributes, the battery life is bound to decrease over time, and at some point, you might have to replace it with a genuine battery for Asus laptop. There are many generic laptops chargers in the market today; you must distinguish between counterfeit and original Asus laptop batteries.

More details of the original Asus laptop battery

Asus laptop batteries are tested for safety battery standards to prevent hazardous events. Some counterfeit batteries don’t meet the safety standards and can damage your laptop. A good battery should have a long autonomy period at the time of purchase. The rate of reduction of battery capacity should be very gradual for longer service life. An ideal battery should last for up to 24 months with at least 500 complete cycles. Before making an order, check out ways of knowing your battery’s model number.

How to identify model numbers

The part numbers consist of letters and numbers and may also include a series name. Model numbers are not unique; similar laptop series may have the same or slightly different model numbers. The model numbers for identifying the type of laptop or battery.

1. Check the printed labels

Product labels are used to provide more data about the product, Asus laptop battery has a printed label, so you have to remove the battery to see this. It is important to note that this is not the serial number. Other printed labels can be found at the back of the laptop, around the keyboard area, and on the frames of the screen.

2. Get information through MyASUS software

You can download MyASUS software at the Microsoft store; this system gives you an interface to connect with customer care, details on how to increase your PC’s performance, and updating your systems. These services are specialized for Asus laptop users. You can also use this software to find your battery’s model number. Go to the software’s home page and click on the system info, from there some detailed information about the release date and the version will be provided.

3. DirectX Diagnostic tool (DXDIAG)

DXDIAG is a tool that tests the performance of the DirectX and troubleshoots the audio/video defects on the hardware. The tool saves the results in an excel file. You can find the model name of your laptop battery from this tool by running the DXDIAG command on the windows search bar; all the information about your PC, including the model name, will appear.

4. Check the system information

Run system information on the windows bar, and all the system information about your laptop will be provided. This is the easiest way to check the model and version of your computer quickly.


Compatibility, safety standards compliance, and credibility are two significant factors you need to look out for before choosing your battery replacement. An original battery might be more expensive than the fake ones, but they are worth the price because of their authenticity.


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