Six Best Features of HP VI04 NOTEBOOK Battery


Most of the world’s population today uses HP laptops. You get into a chemist, a hotel, students in a classroom, and companies among many other fields. The HP brand has been trusted because of its efficiency and potential to offer great services to the user. HP laptops have the most reliable power retain capacity batteries because they are made of lithium-ion components and grade battery cells. Maybe this fame and HP user’s testimony made you love HP laptops. After a while, the laptop batteries will start to lose their strength and yes that is normal. You always want to get another quality HP battery. Do you use HPV104 NOTEBOOK? It is an awesome product, right? Do you need a hp vi04 notebook battery? You will get the most genuine battery here.

Brief features of HP VI04 NOTEBOOK.


The HP Vi04 NOTEBOOK has a good voltage of 14.8V. A battery that has a favourable voltage rate prevents overheating and high power is retained in the system. That means you will be able to use your battery for the longest time possible without overheating.

2600MAH capacity

This is the measure of how long a battery can survive. In this case, the HP Vi04 NOTEBOOK has a battery capacity of 2600 milliamp per hour. This will give your battery a big lifespan and you will enjoy its maximum performance for the longest time ever.

Li-ion type

Do you want a reliable HP Vi04 battery for your notebook that will be able to retain power for the longest time? Get the HPVi04NOTEBOOK battery. A lithium-ion battery will also charge very fast making your time easier and will of course make you more productive.

Average 5Hour usage

Sometimes you are out of the office or somewhere with a power source. You’re out on vacations sometimes and you need to follow up on your projects. You need a powerful battery that can withstand power for a long period. Get the HPVi04NOTEBOOK Battery for your laptop.

Recharge cycle

These are the times through which the battery can recharge and perform to its maximum capacity. The HP Vi04 NOTEBOOK has 300-500 cycles. This is a great rating it shows that this battery has a promising longevity rate.


At times you do not get an exact type of the original battery but there are those batteries that can fit in for the place of others comfortably. HP Vi04 NOTEBOOK is compatible with various types of laptops. Let us look at some of these computers that are compatible with the HP V104 NOTEBOOK battery. HP 756478-421, HP 756478-241, HP 756478-221, HP 756478-851, HP 756479-421, HP 756743-001, HP HSTNN-LB6K, HP HSTNN-LB6I, HP HSTNN-LB61, HP HSTNN-DB6i, HP HSTNN-DB61, HP HSTNN-LB6J, HP G6E88AA, HP G6E88AA#ABB. These are among many.

The best reason why you should buy HPVi04 Notebook batteries from is that they come with a 2-year warranty so you can return or seek a replacement if they do not fit your expectations. HP Vi04 NOTEBOOK batteries come are accompanied with HP Vi04NOTEBOOK charger adapter as a separate package if you would want to buy it too.


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